Bethel Manor COVID-19 Response and Updates

Since our founding in 1949, Bethel Manor has been dedicated to providing the best care possible to elders in our community. Part of how we do that is by providing great caregivers and equipping them with the knowledge, tools, supplies, equipment, and help they need to carry out our mission. The other part of providing the best care to our residents is by doing what we can to protect them from illness such as COVID-19.

We currently know that the elderly and those with other medical conditions are at higher risk of having severe complications related to COVID-19, therefore this puts our residents at a much higher risk than the general population.

Preventive Action

Interdisciplinary Task Force
  • We have implemented an facility interdisciplinary COVID-19 task force that stays up to date and implements federal, state, and local guidance.
  • This group keeps up to date on recommendations made by the CDC, CMS, ISDH, etc. and keeps in communication with local health systems, health departments, regional coalitions, and other pertinent agencies.
  • We employee a full-time Infection Preventionist that provides oversight and training regarding infection control and prevention.
Resident Monitoring and Interventions
  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has issued guidance for facilities to monitor residents for respiratory symptoms and take temperatures daily.
  • We have increased resident hand hygiene by providing frequent reminders to wash or sanitize hands as well as assistance for those that need it.
  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has recommended that nursing facility residents wear masks when out of their room or in close proximity to others, as they are able.
  • We are now offering socially distanced dining and group activities as well as individual and 1:1 activities.
Employee Monitoring and Interventions
  • Employees have their temperature checked and complete a screening form prior to starting their shift.
  • Masks are worn by all employees during their shift.
  • Random temperature checks are performed at various times.
  • Additional education has been completed regarding COVID-19 and infection prevention practices.
Environmental Interventions
  • Environmental Services staff have increased sanitation rounds with an increase in the frequency of high-touch surfaces.
  • UV-C sanitation lights have been added to HVAC system.
  • In response we have taken extra precautions to reduce the potential of COVID-19 presenting in our facility. We are operating under guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Centers for Disease Control. We are currently offering both indoor and outdoor visitation by appointment. We also have window visits and virtual visits available.
  • All visitors must be screened prior to entering and wear a mask.

Family and Resident Engagement

Sagely Activity and Engagement Application

Stay up to date with your loved one’s activities throughout the day with Sagely, our activity and engagement application.

Safekeeping Medical Monitoring Application

Power of Attorneys, Guardians, Health Care Representatives, and other designated family members are able to stay up to date on the medical side of things when it comes to their loved one with the use of our SafeKeeping Application. SafeKeeping allows you to access recent vital signs as well as a current medication list.

Facetime and Skype Calls

Front Porch Window Visits

Give us a call to schedule a time to visit with your loved one through our front porch window. We have a 2-way phone available to make it easy to have a conversation during your visit.

Family Updates

It is always our goal to ensure we are keeping our residents and their families up to date and in the loop. Here is how we are making that happen:

  1. We make routine personal phone calls to each resident’s main family contact. This is a time to relay information and answer both facility and resident specific questions. These personal phone calls generally occur every other week at a minimum.
  2. We send a mass daily facility update to all resident contacts. Every weekday one of our staff members types a message which includes the facility’s COVID-19 status (number of residents/staff that have been confirmed to have COVID-19) and sends this message to all contacts listed on our residents’ charts. This message comes via phone call by default, but can be received in text or e-mail format as well. 
Other Ways to Connect
  • Follow us on Facebook or our website to see general facility updates.
  • Feel free to call us at 812-425-8182 .