As a not-for-profit Christian organization, Bethel Manor exists to serve God by providing compassionate and quality health care to elders in our community.

We want to help provide our residents and their families peace of mind by providing affordable, quality nursing and rehabilitation care by trained professionals. 

Quietly tucked away on 28 acres of gently rolling Hoosier hill country on the north side of Evansville, Bethel Manor nursing home offers its residents a calm retreat with beautiful views from any window. Birdhouses, feeders, an assortment of flowers, rose bushes and trees attract squirrels and hummingbirds as well as many other feathered and furry friends.

As the seasons change, the orchard and woods burst into color. Oak, maple and sassafras trees come alive with hues of purple, gold, red, and yellow, contrasting the stately pines.


Our History

Bethel was founded and organized formally on the August 9, 1949 by Ms. Louise Kuiken. As a Christian, member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and a Registered Nurse it was logical to combine her backgrounds for the work of the Lord.

Mrs. Kuiken was most anxious that her fellow church members help her in this work and one of the members who was already past her 72nd birthday, Mrs. Rose Tribby, was the most helpful along with her husband, Albert, in the establishment of the Lord’s work at Bethel. “Uncle Albert” and “Aunt Tillie” and Mrs. Kuiken started Bethel which was originally worth a capacity of 18 beds. The vision they had was for a health center on the grounds of Mrs. Kuiken’s childhood home. In 1952, Bethel bought our current property along with an existing home that sat on the property which they converted into a 10 bed facility.

Still there was the dream and the 30 acres and Mrs. Kuiken still with the blessed help of Aunt Tillie and Uncle Albert the present 63 bed facility was opened on January 18, 1959.

Bethel Manor is nestled amount the hills within the Northern boundaries of Evansville’s City Limits.

This isn’t the end of the story. As the Lord has blessed the work of Mrs. Kuiken and Bethel Manor, He will continue to do so as long as it carries out a program for the glory of the Lord.