Career Opportunities

Tired of working for large companies or corporate chains that staff at low levels and put profits ahead of residents? If so, it might be time to consider Bethel Manor.

At Bethel Manor our mission to serve God by providing compassionate and quality health care to our residents. It is our vision to provide the elders in our community a better care alternative to receive either short-term rehab or long-term care services.

The way we achieve this is through hiring top notch staff and providing them with a working environment that helps them to grow and flourish. We do this through: providing educational, learning, and advancement opportunities; fostering an environment of appreciation and respect; providing a clean, comfortable, and safe work environment, and providing purposeful work.

We have been voted Best Nursing Home by Courier & Press readers for the past 13 years and are a Medicare 5 STAR rated facility!

Join us and feel the difference!

Available Positions

Temporary Nurse Aide

The Personal Care Attendant position was created by a Waiver issued by the Indiana State Department of Health as a way to provide support to nursing facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PCAs are trained on site at the facility and are able to perform the following tasks:

  • Make an Occupied or Unoccupied Bed
  • Pass Fresh Ice Water
  • Pass Meal Trays/Open Cartons & Packets
  • Check Resident Temps
  • Perform One (1) Person Transfers
  • Reposition the Resident in Bed/Float Heels
  • Transfer the Resident to a Wheelchair using a Gait Belt
  • Use a Gait Belt to Assist with Ambulation
  • Oral Care/Denture Care (alert residents)
  • Provide a Bed Bath/Perineal/Catheter Care
  • Change an Incontinent Brief
  • Assist the Resident with Getting Dressed
  • Assist with Hearing Aids
  • Assist the Resident to Bathroom or to use a Urinal (1 person assist)
CNA - Second Shift

Our CNAs make a difference by providing care to assist with the needs of our residents. This includes bathing, dressing, feeding, etc. 

Hours: 2:30PM – 10:30PM


2nd Shift Nurse - LPN or RN

Hours: 2:30PM – 10:30PM

3rd Shift Nurse - LPN or RN

Hours: 10:30PM – 6:30AM

CNA - The Rehab Cottage

As a CNA at the Rehab Cottage, your primary duty is to assist in the restorative and wellness of residents while assisting with dietary and activities needs of the resident. A person-centered approach and family environment are essential for resident healing and happiness.

Hours: 12 hour shifts (both day and night shifts available)

Night Nurse (12 Hour Shift) - 15 Bed Alzheimers Unit

As a nurse, your primary duty is to oversee the care of the residents. A person-centered approach and family environment are essential for resident health and happiness.

Hours: 12 Hour Night Shifts

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